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Welcome to Lemon Berry Nail Bar, your new go-to spot for essential nail care. Our grand opening is here, and we're excited to offer you some fantastic deals to kickstart your nail-pampering journey.

🌟 Classic Manicure: Treat your hands to a revitalizing classic manicure at an irresistible price. Our skilled technicians will shape, buff, and polish your nails to perfection, leaving you with a clean and polished look that you'll love.

🌟 Refreshing Pedicure: Put your best foot forward with our soothing pedicure special. Relax and unwind as we soak, exfoliate, and groom your feet. You'll leave with soft, smooth skin and nails that are ready to show off.


🌟 Bundle Up and Save: Combine our classic manicure and refreshing pedicure for the ultimate nail care experience. Enjoy a special discount when you book both treatments together, giving your hands and feet the attention they deserve.

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